Question by Rebecca R: Why does OCD cause weird thoughts?
My little sister is always telling me that she has bad thoughts. We are really close, so she tells me everything. She tells me that she has had thoughts about her teachers touching her, and that she could get diseases from touching door knobs. She told me these thoughts just pop up randomly. I searched online that OCD can cause this. She’s had these thoughts for 6 amonths. What ways can these thoughts go away, and why does OCD cause these thoughts?

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Answer by Ben
Yes, this is OCD.

OCD is really just a more serious form of a habit. But essentially it’s the same thing. As with any habit, the only way to stop it is to break the cycle and keep breaking it. Curing OCD isn’t usually an overnight fix, so it may take some time and there maybe the occasional relapses etc. But if she keeps breaking the cycles, she’ll get over it.

A large part of the obsessive compulsion is a behavioural ‘habit’ she’s programmed. It’s not uncommon for children particularly to create these sorts of things in their mind.

She needs to be brave and not give in/let go of the obsessive compulsions. She should also start to realise that by breaking the cycles and not giving in to the compulsions she’s actually giving herself more power.

Obsessive compulsions aren’t rational, under any circumstance. With her fear of catching diseases from door knobs for example; In order to build natural defenses to germs, we must be exposed to them. Wrapping yourself up in cotton-wool is largely counter-productive. The best way to cure a fear like this is to get dirty i.e. the opposite of what you fear.

Obsessive compulsions will also make you anxious, making it much more difficult to deal with. Knowing this, it’s important to relax yourself whenever you experience OCD. Remind yourself it’s irrational and then let go, or don’t give in, to the compulsion. The only way to cure OCD is keep breaking it’s cycles. In time, rational behaviour will be reinforced.

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