Can a traumatic event as a child cause OCD?

Question by Tanginika: Can a traumatic event as a child cause OCD?
I think I vaguely remember something happening to me as a child. I now have a pretty bad case of OCD could that have caused it or is it some kind of chemical imbalance or something? I have a family history of mental illness like Bipolar Disorder.

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Answer by Mr Postgate
Obsessive-compulsive disorders are anxiety disorders, characterized by repetitive thoughts and behaviors. While it’s not very likely that one traumatic event caused this disorder, it is likely that those traumatic events exacerbated your mind to this sort of disorder.

Your genetic predisposition doesn’t help that, of course, but I would try to find out more about this traumatic event. If it isn’t related to your disorder, it may have something to do with your anxiety.

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  1. laneydoll says:

    Not sure about an event, but I am thinking the behavior can be taught. My coworker is pretty bad about cleanliness. Not too extreme but pretty bad. And, she has taught the behavior to her children to the point that her son will not even sit in the reading circle at school b/c someone’s knees might touch his. He fears the germs they may have. All of her kids carry anti-bacterial gel in their backpacks and tissues.

    Ironically, they are more sick than my kids and while I expect cleanliness, I am not obsessed with it either.

  2. M&B says:

    Yes it is common for childhood trauma to cause things like OCD, phobias, panic attacks, etc etc. Have you ever been for counselling? It would help you to explore your past, and the effects your experiences have had on your feelings and behaviour in the present.

    I had quite a few traumatic experiences when I was young, and I have suffered panic attacks, alcoholism, and low self esteem, which I have managed to overcome with long term therapy.

  3. Andria W says:

    yes i think do I knew a person that was abused as a child and had ocd later in life a long with a list of other psychological problems so yes i beleive its possible