Query by rosa200888: anxiety attacks?
im 18 years old female and proper prior to i go to sleep often out of know in which i’ll commence feeling genuinely light headed and dizzy, and my heart rate occasionally will either slow down or speed up, and i will be laying in my bed just considering im going to die cause my heart is going to cease and it scares me. i cant rest but sooner or later i do fall asleep and wake up really feel much better. is this a sign of an anxiousness attack, lead to i do get anxiety all the time.

what can i do so i dont trip out late and night so i can do to sleep with no freaking out considering im going to die and get light headed

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Answer by Nizam MD
Yes, I believe it is element of the nervousness attacks. I got the identical feeling like yours and you require to handle them since later it will trigger you a lot extreme panic attacks.

Do feel unnecessary things and try to seek assist.

I have recovered from these attacks but it takes time.

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